The Team

Carola Stober

Founder, managing director & designer

Carola studied media art and communication design (diploma media artist HfG / ZKM Karlsruhe) and is a specialist in web design (IHK). She has been self-employed with web and graphic design since 2005 and was also DJane for a while. During her studies at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, she concentrated on photography, communication design and digital media. The name wandalas, as well as the entire wandalas design and concept was created by her. All motifs in the shop are designed by her or carefully selected. Many photos that can be found in the shop, e.g. Flatlays were photographed by her.

Carola has been dealing with spirituality, the law of attraction and personal development for a long time. Through her curiosity, openness and high sensitivity, she absorbs new knowledge like a sponge and processes it in her designs. Carola is a Reiki Master, has an initiation into angel healing energy, has been practicing yoga for a long time, loves being in nature, reads many books and used to practice Kung Fu. She has expanded her knowledge enormously through various seminars, lectures, meditation courses, naturopaths and coaches and was able to cure herself of illnesses (which doctors call incurable).

All over the world she is looking for symbols in old buildings, temples, monasteries and churches. Every culture and every living being has knowledge from which we can learn! She cannot walk past a beautifully designed postcard without buying it and will not miss any films or series that even begin to have anything to do with magic and superpowers. In the meantime, she is vegan-gluten-free and deals a lot with the topics of spirituality, health, self-healing, nutrition, trauma, sustainability and environmental protection. A down-to-earth spirituality is very important to her. Therefore, she also deals with areas of quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics and psychosomatics that scientifically prove spiritual teachings.

Jens Stober

Managing director, 3D printing expert & Magento 2 lead developer

Jens also studied media art, holds a PhD in creative media and is Carola's business partner and spouse. He actively supports Carola in the selection of the different designs. Jens manages the administrative and technical part behind the shop and leads the development of our Magento 2 system. He also designs 3D models that can then be brought to life with a 3D printer and bought in the shop. Together with Carola, he attends training courses, events and seminars to expand his knowledge. He is also open to spirituality and has already experienced many positive changes in his life.

Why wandalas?

Through school and studies, Carola got to know the golden ratio, Le Corbusier and the Pythagorean Theorem. She learned that Leonardo da Vinci already knew about the laws of the universe and applied them to his works of art, machines and structures. That fascinated her and since then she has been dealing with sacred geometry.
After going through some unsightly times, Carola came to a point where she no longer asked herself "why does something like this always happen to me" but "what does it want to tell me?" And as it is, the universe answers when you ask it a question. Carola got a book on the "Law of Attraction" and she was totally captivated. She checked playfully whether and how it works. The craziest and best things happened to her.

She prooved for herself that this law always works. Finally she no longer felt like a victim of her circumstances and experiences, but began to live her life in a completely different way. Suddenly self-reflection, mindfulness, finding and dissolving negative beliefs and positive thinking belonged firmly to her life! However, since there are gaps in the teachings of this book, Carola started to look for further answers and, over time, went deeper into the subject and spirituality. Through her studies and her ex-boyfriend, who produced lettering, she finally came up with the idea of ​​making the "flower of life" as a wall tattoo and invested in her own vinyl cutter. .

Our Goal

After Carola decided to build her own shop and brand, she didn't let anything get her down. Regardless of whether it was no help in delivering the plotter in the pouring rain, working alone in the plotter technology and software, family and friends who did not support them, or technology that did not work. Because she wanted to spread the “Law of Attraction” and “Sacred Geometry” in a modern way and also clear up many false myths of old symbols that have crept into people's minds. This vision gave her the strength to reach her goals and face challenging times. That is why the first shop motif became a quote from Buddha: "What you think today, you will be tomorrow".

Every day when she saw the saying on her wall, she remembered the law of attraction, her own creative power, and the magic around her.

Our motives should also support you, motivate you, give courage, strength and hope and help you achieve your goals! On the way to self-realization you will sometimes face external obstacles. The motives can give you courage, self-confidence, confidence and strength not to let your goals stop you, no matter what others do or say. Our spiritual and mystical motifs from different corners of the world will not only beautify your rooms, but also exude harmony, inspiration, joy and positive energy. They remind you of the magic in and around you, of your creative power and of exercising mindfulness and dreaming big.

We are so much more than our body, our feelings and our thoughts! We are all pure energy, we are all one! :-)

What does spirituality mean to us?

For us, spirituality means reflecting on yourself, working on yourself, becoming aware of yourself (self-confidence) and getting closer to the teachings of the universe. The goal of spirituality is to love yourself as you are. With all fears and dark sides. Because only when we really love ourselves can we truly love others and only then can be in peace. As much love as we give ourselves, we are able to give and receive others. Without realizing it, many of us have beliefs like: "I am not good enough", "To be loved I always have to be there for everyone, etc.". So we start to define ourselves about our profession, our appearance, relationships, children, status, etc. But if we suddenly lose our job, or our good looks, or our love for another person is not returned, it may cause us to go into a deep hole. Because we never learned not to define ourselves with it. Since it is a lifelong learning task to find this love and ultimately to be, a little support with beautiful and motivating motives cannot hurt. :-)


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